About Remankeli

About Remankeli Jewellery


Remankeli-name might sound very weird :) It is Finnish and it means: Re (recycle, re-use), Mankeli (a mangle; Finnish nickname for a bike).


Behind Remankeli there is my little one woman Elokuje Handicrafts side entrepreneur business. As a graphic designer in my main entrepreneur business Elovisual, I design all the marketing material my self.

Remankeli is my first public jewellery collection. It uses local secondhand and upcycled bicycle (mostly mountain bikes) parts like chains and inner tubes as main material. I also use leftover reindeer leather and leftover climbing skins in my other Elokuje jewellery collections. In every step of the jewellery process – like in every day life – I try to act as sustainable as I can.


I think the main reason why I started this jewellery project was to design, create and brand something concrete of my own and with my bare hands. From the beginning it was clear to me I want to use second hand material, since there is so much trash and unused material in the world. Connecting two hobbies, cycling and jewellery designing was fun and sort of automatic! Remankeli jewellery is for showing passion towards cycling and nature.


There are several helping hands behind Elokuje Handicrafts and Remankeli. Chain breaking, material cleaning, sawing, drilling, building, sewing, glueing… My mum has been my most important associate, since she has a long history in handcrafts and lot of experience. My dad helps me with bigger tools and building stuff. My boyfriend is my hand model, bike fixer, cycling coach and bike packing guide. My friends test my designs and encourage me to continue. Thank you all! :)

Hetta-Pallas bike trail

Remankeli jewelries are made of bicycle parts that have a story. Those parts have been part of somebody´s adventure or experiences here in northern Finland. I think it is fascinating!

Remankeli values

Cycling in various forms is something I really enjoy. I have a every day city bike hard tail Trek, year around forrest and trail fatbike Trek Farley, longer distance gravel grinder and cyclocross bike Marin Four Corners and smooth & fast MTB Canyon Neuron. Every four bikes have their place and my goal is to see and experience different landscapes as much as possible. I´m also happy to share my info when people ask me about local or Northern Finnish XC and trail routes.

  • Cycle whenever you are able to
  • Be kind to others and respect nature and all animals
  • Be curious, follow the path
  • Never stop playing
  • Reduce, reuse & recycle


Singular Gryphon donating me some chain...



My model, staff and coach

Reduce – reuse – recycle

With mum at "smithy"

Jewellery hanger in making

Material from backyard

Product photoshooting

Design Fair Oulu 2018

Äkäsmyllyn kuohut

By the old water mill Äkäsmylly

Ylläs MTB 2019 event